Wednesday, 20 January 2016

New season, new obstacles

So with the new year, comes a new round of obstacles that were featured at World's Toughest Mudder, although here in the UK we didn't get some of the obstacles that were unveiled last year, mainly due to safety issues, we didn't get to do beached whale, which was a pity but there were many broken limbs from people being thrown from it so, I guess it evens out.

So the new obstacles are Blockness monster,  frequent flyers club, rainman, backstabber, flying squirrel and there are all the usual suspects making a reappearance, electroshock, birth canal, funky monkey and Everest.

Blockness monster - This looks amazing, large square barriers in water that rotate, so you have to get a team mate or other entrant to pull you out of the water as you hold one of the corners, this one will require quite a bit of upper body strength.

Frequent flyers club - Looks to be a legionnaires finishing obstacle, climb to the platform and drop onto a large air filled mat, this looks like fun especially if its quite high up.

Rainman - Another legionnaire obstacle, like cage crawl but it starts in darkness and you have water poured onto you as crawl backwards, they also seem to have brought back cage crawl for non legionnaires but this time its longer than before at 60'.

Back stabber - If you thought liberator was hard this has just stepped it up a notch, only one peg to use and foot notches at the side of the incline, make this the hell child of liberator, very much about the upper body strength again, liberator is also there for non legionnaires.

Flying squirrel - This is a Tough Mudder half obstacle which is like a zip wire across water that you hold onto rather than sit on, another upper body one and a definite draw towards doing the Half if you've done the full Tough Mudder before.

There doesn't seem to be much new about the other obstacles, I only hope that we in the UK get to try the new ones as they seem really good fun. All the usual ones seem to have been tweaked to make them even harder than they have been before, mud mile is usually great fun, now it might turn out to be strength sapping fun, with the tweaks that are being made.

So I might see you out on the course, just pop over and say hello.