Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dun dun dun, line trial day

I started writing about my line trial day as I sat on the bus to the trial, then was either too tired or busy to actually finish it on the day, so much for actually blogging more often still, here's what I got up to on the day of my line trial for Nissan cars. I woke at 5;30 after managing to wake every two hours through the night, feeling a little tired, had a bite of breakfast then Susan and I took the dogs for a walk, I then decided to wait for the bus rather than popping home, since its better to be early than miss it and knowing my luck I would have missed the bus, which ironically turned up a little late.

As I was sitting on the bus, it pulled into one of the stops and looking over at one of the houses over the road, I saw what at first looked like a dog eating something off the garden of a random house, I kept thinking that dog looks really fox like, thought it had it's ears flattened to it's head so I thought, nah, it must be a dog, it wasn't till the bus was pulling away that I realised it actually was a fox, so I missed the chance of a quick photo, which seems to be my current luck when missing something interesting or a bit different.
Still I saw an urban fox eating something off a garden, which was a bit different to my usual bus journeys.
After changing buses it was driving down the road where the Nissan factory is situated, I had a sudden attack of nerves, a sinking feeling in my stomach, as if I'd passed over some invisible nerves line.
As I walked up to the security office, I noticed Anthony standing outside having a smoke, which made made a little happier to see someone from the course having their trial, shortly after that Michael walked up and we had a seat in the security office, chatting and talking about others, from the course, those who hadn't passed the skills test and where they thought they'd gone wrong, I asked if they'd heard about the others from the course but they weren't sure who else was having a trial.

After waiting in reception for a while, we were told to head over to the reception and wait for someone, a team leader arrived to take us to a station where we would trial on cars being built. I was given some protection equipment and taken to where Adam was based. After introductions I was put on the line fitting parts to petrol and diesel engines, sticking on a warning sticker, a cooling system cap, bungs for petrol engines and some kind of diesel engine part, if needed engine covers, attaching the power cable to the horn, if needed a buzzer and bolting it into place, a parcel shelf if needed and boot carpet.

The trial was supposed to be 4 hours long but I didn't get out till 12:45 after starting at around 8:00, I followed Adam to the smoking area and thanked him for helping me with the trial I asked how he thought I'd done, he said, I'd picked it up quite quickly and I'd done well, I joked, it made your job a little easier this morning, he laughed and said aye, you're right there, after saying goodbye and that I might see him around the factory, I went to see the supervisor, he thanked me for coming in and showed me the exit, I'm not sure if he mentioned when I might hear back, as I was pretty tired and monstrously thirsty at the point, the one thing they didn't mention on the course is how thirsty you get working on the line.

I decided to pop over to the training facility to see who was in the workshop and I say George, one of the trainers, I mentioned I'd been for trial, he asked hoe it went, I mentioned about how tiring it was but I'd enjoyed it and was thinking of the money, then headed off home, I thought, its such a nice day I'll see how long it takes to walk home, though by the time I'd reached the stop for the second bus, I thought sod this for a game of soldiers and finished up getting the bus home.

All in all, it was hard work but once I was in a routine, I found it quite easy fitting the parts, though tiring and thirsty work , I could see myself working there, I also received a letter a couple of days later telling me I had passed the trial and that they would be in touch to arrange an interview, unofficially we were told, if you pass the line trial, you're in and on three months probationary trial, so it looks like I could soon be working for Nissan, hurrah a well paid though hard job, after the last couple of years of subway.