Thursday, 12 June 2014

Fuck off black dog

I was recently fired due to not paying attention on the job and failing the mystery id test purchase, so I'm living the life of luxury as some shitty tabloid papers would have you believe and at first it was quite nice not having to spent a Sunday serving people but after a while of having not as much money and not interacting with people outside of the house, its started to get to me.

Though I love taking part in the tough mudder events, I've not had much enthusiasm for some of the obstacles, though I wrote about feeling cold during the last event, I think had I not been feeling off, I probably would have pushed myself to complete them. I've also felt like bursting into tears for no apparent reason, though not as frequently as the last time I was depressed.

I've also had moments of weird elation, far happier than I should have been, given that I wasn't doing anything more than simply riding on the bus or shopping.

The worst part has been that, I've all but given up running which most people would see as a good thing given that they don't like running but I really enjoy it and I'm missing it though not enough to motivate me to get out there and get training for my mudder events.

I should go to the doctor about this but I really don't want the medication again, given that I was an emotionless zombie the last time.

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