Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Stop coasting through life, RIGHT NOW.

I seem to have reached a point where although I'm happy with my slimmer frame, I'm not really pushing myself as much as I should. I've tended to drift through life falling into one thing or another, after all I only got my new job after I was pushed into attending a job search course. So I seem to be getting a little slack in my exercising and dietary choices. Whenever I go swimming I only do breaststroke because its easier than front crawl and I can do a mile relatively easily, when I should be pushing myself to start doing front crawl, so I can get stronger in my swimming, I should be pushing myself when I'm on the treadmill, or rowing machine but keep telling myself, that I'm tired so that's why I'm not giving it more. The Boxercise class on a Saturday I'm trying to push myself but some of the exercises are leg work, so I'm not quite as quick as I'd like to be but I should push myself more so that like the swimming I can get stronger and therefore quicker at.

I'm no longer doing the Zumba class on a Monday because I'm weighing in that day and have work, so don't have the time anymore, the same on a Wednesday, although this is partly true, I'm using it as an excuse not to do the classes, when I should be pushing myself more, since I don't have much more weight to lose.
I'm also telling myself that because my bodybugg shows I've burned off additional calories that it doesn't matter if I eat more than I should, since hey look a calorie defict, although the way I'm going its been a handful of calories, rather than the amount which will help me continue to lose weight.

I've also gotten into an annoying habit at work, where if I have a break, I'm tending to eat something, it seems to be toast with some kind of meat, then having something sweet afterwards, since I only do five hour shifts and have a 15 minute break, this isn't too bad, its the days when I have longer shifts and therefore more breaks, I seem to be ingesting upwards of 800 calories, more if I get the urge for a chocolate bar or two. I can't seem to break out of the habit either, I do try and pick the healthiest options when it comes to the bread and meat but seem to be failing when it comes to not eating an unhealthy chocolate bar, I know I shouldn't be eating them but I guess I must have an impulse control issue when surrounded by all the sweet treats, it might be easier if I take something in with me to eat, or simply avoiding eating on my break, or minimise the amount I eat and having a piece of fruit or something.

Before I started the job, I was on a steady downward trajectory with my weight loss, then I started working and my loss seemed to stall, then I gained a couple of lbs, lost them, stayed the same for a couple of weeks, lost again and as of this morning, had gained 2 lbs again, so put me squarely back at 13st 9lbs. It just shows how easily the weight can creep back on if you aren't careful. So time to get back to being more careful with what I'm eating and avoid the chocolaty treats.

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  1. Allow yourself a little something sweet, pre-empt this urge as like me you have a sweet tooth - but limit sweet treats to strawberries, natural yoghurt (make your own if you can, it's great!)

    What I would do is ditch the bread - I hardly eat it any more, and when I do I go for something handmade from French Oven in Grainger Mkt. Always brown! You can have a nice snack with some meat (if that's your kinda thing) and maybe some red pepper or salsa? Much less stodgy than bread. Then you can allow a little something sweet. Also I find the tiny bars of 75% dark chocolate are great, you can't overeat and as they're so rich you get that sweet hit in a couple of squares.

    Sadly I'm doing great on the portion control most days, although I've strayed over the 1200cal mark a couple of weeks due to long work days :( and because of that I'm really down on the amount of exercise I'd hoped to do. So no more weight shifting yet, but I'll get there!

    I'd heartily recommend badminton - we've worked our arses off in lessons the past 2 weeks! So I'm looking forward to taking it up more regularly, it's really good all over exercise.