Thursday, 19 July 2012

The pitfalls of eating out.

We've never had much in the way of disposable income, so things like eating out and the like tend to be a very occasional treat rather than the norm, so choosing a place that's relatively cheap but also nice can be quite tricky. The one thing we've found is that pubs do a reasonably cheap breakfast and most of the time its tasty filling and if grilled healthy-ish, though we did visit a place the other day that I thought would be quite healthy but it was anything but I didn't want to visit a cafe in the Washington Galleries, as I believed it would be unhealthier than the chain pub, offering cheap meals, it looked like the kind of place that's a throwback to the 70's or 80's where healthy is a slab of quiche some lettuce, tomato and cucumber.

So we opted for the cheapest breakfast from the pub, when it arrived I was a little shocked, everything had been fried, from the sausage through to the large mushroom and it was swimming in the stuff, both Susan and I remarked, that it was a surprise that the beans weren't fried, still if it weren't for the fact, we were hungry and had already paid, I don't think I'd have eaten it, like most fried foods, all that we could really taste was the grease, which lay on my stomach quite heavily. I'm not sure if Gillies does fry everything but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been that much healthier so we both decided that was a place to avoid in the future.

A place we tend to visit for meals out is Yate's, they have a two meals for seven quid, or ten dollars for my American readers, with the spicy vegetable enchilada being a favourite of mine, granted it isn't the healthiest of options, with the layer of cheese it has over it, I'm sure it'll be a damn sight healthier than the fry up that we had.

The only problem I have is that neither place has any nutrition information available to hand, so I'm guessing the calories and fats that each meal contains, which, since people have a tendency to way underestimate their calorie intake makes it difficult to be sure I've put the right amount of calories into my trackers, I wish that some way of exactly determining my intake like I have with my output but I guess, as long as I have things like this as the occasional treat rather than staple part of my diet, I should be alright.

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