Friday, 13 July 2012

Bugger off, I don't want to feel ill

Looks like I'm coming down with with what I call fake flu, not to be confused with man flu, which is where lazy men moan about being horrendously ill, when they've probably got nothing more than a slight cold. My 'fake flu' is where I for all intents and purposes feel like a have the flu but without the pesky infection that lets me stay off work and stay in bed. My muscles ache, my sinuses get bunged up and painful, my head feels full of cotton wool, my ears block and I cough like no one's business.

I normally get this if I've been staying up too late then start getting more sleep, its like my body wants to punish me or something, I hate being unwell, I don't like feeling out of sorts it just annoys me, the worst part is I can't even go to the gym, I tried to yesterday but had no motivation for the stationary bike, I tried doing some weights but gave up after some dumbbell bench presses, my forearms were hurting even when I tried a lighter weight, managed 5 minutes on the treadmill, at 10% incline oddly enough and I did push myself to swim half a mile, although I'd have happily given up after 100 metres.

So I'm in for a few more days of working whilst feeling lousy, not being up to working out and generally being annoyed with my body for this, OH HAPPY DAYS.

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