Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Who's got two thumbs and passed the skills test *points to self*

I received a letter today that old me I had passed the skills test part of the Nissan course and would be contacted so I can go for a line trial, which has pleased me no end, a couple of the other lads didn't pass the test, which is a bit sad really, only one person who I don't know if they passed the test or not, so it could be 50% of our little group that has passed. They only tell you if its a pass or a fail so they don't know where they failed, which is a bit annoying, for those that didn't pass.

It's a good feeling that I can now go forward and be tested on the actual line, adding parts to cars that people are going to drive, I'm feeling quite calm about it but I'm guessing that on the actual day, I'll be a hairs breadth from soiling myself from nerves. We've been advised the best thing to do, is keep asking for things to do, show initiative and make the person shadowing you feel like you are wanting a job as part of going through for interview, is about whether they think you would fit in.

So I'm just sitting and waiting to hear from them as to my line trial date, which will hopefully be soon, I'm also still waiting to get a start with ocs for casual stock auditing, I'm starting to get a little bored of having no money, as I'd like to have a holiday at some point in the next decade. So I'm going to concentrate on getting my fitness up and my weight down, still till next time, you gorgeous people.