Saturday, 18 February 2012

Its Saturday, its another post time.

Had another boxercise class today, its a tough class, though easier than last week, I wasn't quite dying at the end of it, more sweating a lot, weirdly I've not drank any booze since new years eve, so I've no idea what it would have been like had I been drinking last night. This time there were loads of other people there and I'm still the only bloke in the class, which is a little odd but hey, its damned good cardio exercise, so I don't care either way.

I also picked up some metabolism boosting tablet from Holland and Barrett, which seem to be pretty healthy aside from the caffeine they contain, hopefully the exercise and eating better should mean they work quite well and help me dump all the excess fat my body seems to love storing, they were on offer at half price so if they aren't much good I've only spent £3.50, so not too costly.

I have also managed to rescue my tablet from an annoying bootloop that it seemed to have gotten stuck in, the only downside is that its back to stock rom, so no android market, which makes it almost unusable and I can't seem to download any custom roms as the browsers keep failing to load the page and pinging microsoft seems to route through localhost for some bizzare reason, still the tablet works again, so that's nice.

I'd also like to give a shoutout to a good friend of mine, the lovely Charlotte who I noticed is currently my only subscriber, you should totally check out! which is where you'll find some very cool dino themed hooded tops, go on have a look, they are pretty damned ace.

Well till the next time I think of something to write, I hope your bums are free from spots.