Monday, 13 February 2012

Hurrah for today.

I'm sitting here feeling quite pleased with myself, I walked into Gateshead wearing trainers this time, so I avoided any potential blisters. I weighed myself at boots and found that I weigh nearly a stone lighter than I did at the start of January, at a weighty 16st 9lbs though because of my body shape, I seem to hide it quite well which is somewhat annoying, though it does give me a large build, which is nice, I've also been sticking to my resolutions and haven't touched chocolate or booze since the 1st of January, which based on my usual 4 cans on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday, has so far saved £63, though I don't have that saved anywhere which is unfortunate, still I've not felt the need for a drink, though telling people I'm avoiding booze tends to raise an eyebrow, so that I'm close to saying I'm a recovering alcoholic, which people seem to understand more.

Aside from weighing less, we received a new cooker, to replace the one we bought 2 Christmases ago, when the last one broke down, the new one was electric, which proved to be an arse pain from day one and took an age to actually heat anything up but we persevered with it until, they came and checked our electric wiring and replaced the trip switch board and suddenly the cooker didn't work properly and kept tripping the electric, when I disconnected it from the socket, I discovered that it had burned the wall socket it was wired into, so it seems something wasn't right, luckily it didn't set on fire.

We should have had our replacement TV delivered today also but the van broke down and we were phoned and told that it would be tomorrow when it arrived, although its through a catalogue and costs way more than if we'd paid cash, its easier to pay in small installments, when you don't have much, the new one is around the same size as the last one but it has smart functions, so we can watch iPlayer directly on the TV and supposedly it plays films from a Network Attached Storage drive, though the one I have probably won't work, so an upgrade might be worth investing in.

So let's see if the TV arrives nice and early so we can get over to town and see The Muppets and enjoy a bite to eat. I might even try getting to the gym.