Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tough Mudder 26 - London South

Woke during the night for the toilet and Dean was passed out in a chair under the gazebo, then later on John, Paul and Martyn drunkenly arrived back from spending time with the Mudcro group, I was half deciding to help but my bag was lovely and warm, although the cardboard was great for insulation it was hard to lie on and I kept slipping down the incline.

Another trip down the hill, which was easy enough, it was the walk back up which was hard, spent some time resting and relaxing before rushing to get to the start line for 9 am. I didn't manage to meet up with anyone from the group which was a little sad. I stood in the start area eating chocolate peanuts, like I wasn't about to tackle something really hard, Chris James was there and he was on event no.42 with 67 laps, which put my 26 events 29 laps in the shade, though next year I'm aiming to increase the laps.

On we headed with another smoke bomb and I felt quite good, chatted to Chris for a bit and kept plodding on, I was walk running much earlier than the Saturday but with little training outside of events this wasn't surprising. Though I wasn't continuously running I felt my pace was quite quick.  I finished my peanuts and got to funky monkey where I got a few rungs further up the obstacle even with damp hands. I was wishing I'd worn a cheap watch for timing purposes and chatting to other entrants, some were amazed it was 26 events, others I'd done it the day before but most were thrown that I'd done 2 laps on Saturday.

Most of the rest of the course passed without much to write home about except that my legs weren't working very well on any of the hills and I walked more than I ran for the rest of the course, I was especially tired when trying to get over some of the height obstacles. I decided to give cry baby another miss and balls to the walls wasn't too bad. I got up towards Everest and decided to skip past as I couldn't even try to tackle it, given how tired I was.

I did give headrush another go but decided that electroshock could wait for another day. After getting changed I went to the main arena to watch for Carl coming in and see some of the  funny ways that people like to tackle electroshock, we finally got packed up and headed for home, extremely tired but glad to have taken part in the whole season.