Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Training plan

So after I managed to do one run in December which was disappointing but you know how brains can be with the horrible wet weather and a total lack of motivation. I decided last week that I would get back to training for the upcoming Tough Mudder season, so I need to actually get my self out there and put some miles under my feet.

The first run was appalling, I felt awful afterwards but this comes from doing literally no exercise in months and only running at Tough Mudder events, still I persevered and headed out again on the Tuesday for a little longer this time feeling just as bad, though not wheezing as much as from the previous run, then I decided I would make Sunday my last run of the week and for the time being stick to three days during the week, until I'm feeling stronger and I can handle more days per week, when I'm recovering a lot quicker.

I also gave a few chin ups a try as I'll need to work on that, so I can get myself over the obstacles, I'm sitting here writing this having caused myself a mischief in my shoulder, lifting slightly heavier things upwards is uncomfortable, so I'll need to be careful and perhaps wait to start pulling off chin ups when I'm a little lighter.

It was suggested by my friend John that we could do the Relentless suffering, which is one of a number of new obstacle course runs/races that have popped up in the wake of the popularity of Tough Mudder and prior to the Tough Guy, so I'm off to Rockingham castle in March to take part, they do three runs in one day, a ten mile, a 10k and a 5k, so if you do all three in the one day, you get classed as a legend and get an extra t-shirt and medal, given I've managed to get two laps in on three Tough Mudder course this year, nineteen miles shouldn't be too much of a problem.

So as today is Tuesday, it run day although the wind is pretty strong out there so it should make for an interesting run, I may have to change my route slightly to avoid as much wind as possible.