Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tough Mudder 16

So after a good nights rest and a quick bite to eat I was ready for the next day, I checked to see if John was away as he was volunteering which meant he would get a code to take part in another event. I got myself to the main arena to await the arrival of Tom, Damian and David, luckily I was wearing my top again so I was easy to spot. Damian was first over with a friend Anna, who had done it the day before, then David came over, we were waiting for Tom so I popped back to the tent to see where he was and as the time was getting on, we decided to start in the 10 o'clock wave. I later discovered that Tom had got caught in traffic so didn't get there until 10:40 which was a real pity.

We set off and I was feeling a little tired when we reached bale bonds but it wasn't to then round to skidmarked where we met John who was working everest but as no one was there and it was within walking distance was helping on skidmarked. We got up to shawshanked and Damian and Anna where waiting for us, it was tiring but I managed to get myself through without too much trouble, then continued on, David seemed to be alright but a little cold, so I tried to run as much as I could but without any real training over the last few months and the two laps the day before I found it dificult, birth canal wasn't too bad and when we got up to island hopping I didn't make it more than one island before taking a header into the water.

We got to devils beard and then onto balls to the wall which was reasonably easy, then arctic enema after the nice wooded area, I spotted Yvonne the volunteer and mini mudder co-ordinator who filmed me for a thank you video for the volunteers, which I said quite a bit but did feature giving a thumbs up and saying volunteering yeah, the water was quite cold but not too bad, I told David to keep running as he was starting to get quite cold at this point. We had lost Damian and Anna but I'd rather not slow people down if its going to cause them issue with the cold.

Hero carry was quite nice although I could do with losing a bit of weight to help the person carrying me, then onto liberator where I chose one one a couple of foot rests as it was starting to take its toll on me physically. I needed a bit of a hand when we got up to hero walls, back round by mud mile and then tyre carry. My gloves were slick with mud so I just went straight into the water at king of the swingers and then onto cry baby which was really foggy. Managed to get no where on funky monkey and reached everest and gave it one try and landed heavily on my shoulder, so skipped it, I did get a free hot tub wristband from a volvic rep because of my tattoo.

David and I continued onto to the finish and we went our seperate ways I had the tent to pack up and to meet John for the journey back to the station and the long journey home.