Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Looking back on Tough Mudder

Well that was an interesting Tough Mudder season, fourteen events with three multi lap events, running and occasionally walking the course, setting up teams for the events and taking part with a whole swathe of new people and some familiar ones. If anyone had said you'd complete so many or that you would be a heartbeat away from dropping out I'd have said not a chance, I wouldn't have believed it, but here I sit with twenty six events under my belt and an eye on doing World's toughest Mudder or European Toughest when they announce it, I had some great times, from meeting the people behind the scenes who do so much work to ensure that everyone has a great experience and is able to safely take part, to all the people that I've taken part with.

The one thing I remember is the cold, not the cold of the ice bath but the ground when camping, the Sunday at London West, walking the course on Saturday in Scotland, running on the Sunday at Midlands, all incredibly cold but the one that takes the award was Sunday at when after an incredibly hot Saturday, I ended up so cold, I couldn't do a couple of obstacles and my hands turned blue.

Another thing was the emerging scandal of the counting laps instead of individual events to get the legionnaire headbands which goes against the spirit of the events given they are about the taking part not the showing off, though I do enjoy the people giving you so much respect and admiration. They did change the way you collect your headband, where they now find you on the system and check off that you've received your legionnaire headband, so they've fixed that.

So we'll see what the new season brings and see if I can get over funky monkey again.