Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tough Mudder 15 - Lap 2

I set off in the 12:20 wave and got up to bale bonds and managed to not be able to climb them at first so knew this would be a hard lap, I'd mentioned to a couple of people that I'd already done it this morning and they looked a bit shocked, someone who I think I must have helped during the Midlands course last year said hello, which was nice. I had a bit of trouble with skidmarked this time being unable to get myself over without help. I did manage shawshanked and fell deep into the water. birth canal was a bit harder this time but I still managed to get through and I had no real problems with the rest of thecourse but was really starting to feel drained and took total advantage of the 9 bar nut bars at the water stations. I didn't even bother trying island hopping just jumping straight in the water, balls to the wall wasn't too problematic and arctic enema was a lot warmer than the morning unsurprisingly. I skipped carrying anyone at hero carry and told the volunteer who might have said something, that I'd already been round and they just gave me a nod and left it at that.

I really needed help with hero walls and gave a helping hand to some other people who I chatted to for a bit, I found a bit on liberator that had footrests and used that one, I also found a lighter tire to carry and bumped into some other people I'd chatted to, one of them was wearing sweat pants but didn't know why they'd chosen them. I swung straight into the water at king of the swingers, which was better than a back flop I guess. I decided to skip kiss of mud and funky monkey as I was starting to get cold and couldn't face getting any muddier or wetter, I did go through cry baby which was fun, then gave everest a miss as the queue was enourmous, skipped dead ringer again as well I could barely lift my arms. I bumped into Stuart who had been adopted by another group and manged just the one extra lap.

I got across the finish line and collected another bunch of stuff but not an extra t-shirt as I already had one. I got back to the campsite feeling utterly wrecked and thinking I'd made a terrible mistake going for two laps when I hadn't trained properly for one nevermind two, John was trying to recover in his tent, I got changed and lay on my bed for a while feeling drained. We noticed a bit later that Martyn and Paul had got back from their trip out to get some booze and we went over for a chat about the day, John, decided to go with them to the after party whilst I went back to the tent as I was tired and didn't feel up to partying, I must have been drained as I went off about 10 o'clock, to be ready for lap 3 on the Sunday.