Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Tough Mudder 15 - Lap 1

After meeting up with John who turned up in a landrover with a friends of the filth spare tire cover, which I thought was pretty damned cool, we headed over to the event site and after a trudge across a field got sorted for the camping, I had a new tent which was up in seconds. We visited the main site and got in touch with Stuart and Martyn who were staying over so they could get a nice early run and do laps. As we were the only ones who had bothered to say which day they were taking part in, we decided to go off in the 8:20 wave, I got over to my tent and got an early night which wasn't the warmest but better than Henley.

I woke about 4am and as it was light out decided to just listen to some muic until it was time to get up. After an hour or so I decided I  couldn't be bothered to lie in any longer so got up, I got some breakfast into me and get ready. There was one bloke who was up and ready about two hours before the first wave, very keen.

We got over to the starting area and I left my phone with George so I could phone home between laps, yes I did laps on the Saturday. We got into the warm up area and did the usual thing, then set off to the start area where there were quite a number of black and orange headbands and a double black one signifying 25+ events, which I'm aiming to get by the end of the year. We headed off and reached bale bonds which was actually a climb over hay bales, rather the three bales to jump over so a nice change, then back round to near the camp site for skidmarked, which seemed pretty easy this time, then the mystery obstacle which turned out to be shawshanked which seems to be like boa constrictor but with only one tube and a rope to pull yourself up and into a body of water which wasn't too cold despite it being early in the morning. Stuart left us at this point as he was looking to get three laps in, we continued on to birth canal, which isn't getting any easier, then creek crusade which is basically a large stream.

We jogged up to island hopping and the medical staff were helping someone who it turns out had gashed their ribs on one of the platforms, at first it was a suspected broken rib or two, we hit devils beard which was much better this time as it was properly pinned to the ground, then balls to the wall which was nice having no mud making the rope slick. We jogged through some lovely wooded area before getting to arctic enema, which someone was handing over swim caps suggesting these were needed, we didn't think so, it turns out they were right as the water was incredibly cold and froze my head completely. We carried on to mud mile and Martyn and Paul had gone on as they also wanted laps in. More forrest and then hero carry which is always nice, then a bit of killa gorilla and the hero walls. When we got up to liberator I found the one with no additional lats to give a footrest and where it was all upper body strength to climb it and ensure you didn't fall down, back round to mud mile again which was lovely and muddy before the tyre carry which was different and onto king of the swingers, where I managed to miss the bell but fall into the water on my back which was so painful, luckily the camelbak took some of the hit.

We hit up kiss of mud and then onto funky monkey which I didn't get very far as my hands were really cold and slick with mud. You could smell cry baby from across the field and when you got inside it was so thick you couldn't see anything at all. We reached everest and I managed to get up in one go then John had a few tries but was tired so just kept missing getting a good grip, he looked so frustrated at himself but he pulled himself round and we headed for the finish. I skipped electroshock because it not a fun one, if I could get through without passing out it would be nice. We collected our headbands and we walked back to the campsite and John decided that another lap wouldn't be such a good idea, I quickly phoned home and stowed my stuff in the tent before jumping into the 12:20 wave just as it was getting ready to set off.