Wednesday, 26 March 2014

That's the sound of back on track

So way back in 2012 I decided that I was sick of being a heavy fellow, although I seemed to hide it well based on people being surprised that I weighed 18½ stones, with that I had the belly that protruded and the thighs that chafed if I walked more than a couple of miles. I installed myfitnesspal on my phone and started fitness classes, with my first boxercise class I had Michelle ask if I was going to puke when it was finished but I stuck with them and slowly but surely the weight melted away.

I kept doing classes, watching what I was eating and joining fitocracy getting my weight down to a much healthier 13st 2lbs I was feeling good about this and starting to enjoy the fitter healthier me when I did the thing that people tend to do and I fell back into bad old habits, eating more sweet stuff, not exercising as often, telling myself I'll get back on track, which of course didn't really happen but I kept telling myself it was a temporary blip and that I'll pull it around. I finally admitted to myself that I needed to kick myself in the arse and start eating properly if I wanted to lose the weight that I'd put back on.

So looked for a slimming world group close to home and got myself along with Susan who also wanted to lose weight, I knew that Slimming World would work for me as I'd used it before and it worked quite well until I came home one night and ate a pizza, then never went back. I did continue with the habits of avoiding sugary drinks or not using any kind of spread on sandwiches, though I'm not sure how much that helped given that we would order xxl pizzas and I could eat my way through a whole one.

We stayed for the meeting which is the whole point of the group otherwise you're just paying to use the scales, which seems a bit silly since scales aren't that expensive and found that everyone has a similar reason for joining the group, the image therapy is a great way to get recipe ideas and tips where to buy cheaper versions of the optimised foods.

I've been attending now for eight months and it's been an up and down journey towards a slimmer me again, I was close to my lowest weigh in many years until I had a tiring week where I just ate all the usual rubbish, I was eating before. Still, we're both enjoying cooking foods from scratch and have found that the full fat versions of recipes are sometimes no where near as good as the low fat versions we've been making which is the best thing really.

So onwards towards good health and to rid myself of the spare tyre I carry round my middle.