Friday, 14 March 2014

Starting again, again.

Well my plan of keeping regular blog posts seems to have fell by the way side, although I am using a journalling app to keep a daily diary of things I've done on a day to day basis, I've discovered that my memory is seriously bad, Matthew was diagnosed as having adhd which based on the information that suggests it comes from the parents would explain to me why I sometimes focus all my attention on one thing for months on end then lose interest in it, as if I'd never had any interest at all.

Its also coming up to tough mudder season, the time of year when myself and other like minded lunatics, descend on the countryside and complete a 12 or so mile course of mud, obstacles, cold water and shocks, I missed out last year on completing all 6 events, so this year, I'm aiming to get almost every event under my belt, sadly Dublin is out of the question due to the costs involved, still that'll be a potential 7 events, I have to choose from.

I'm building my fitness back up and getting some miles under my feet, I was also thing about perhaps starting to think up a boot camp of sorts to prepare people for what to expect when they compete in one of the events and also what they should be wearing, to avoid becoming injured or ill when taking part.

The next thing to do is work out what kind of training people should be doing to get over and under each obstacle, so I can go from there.