Tuesday, 11 February 2014

The Steve.

A few years ago, I downloaded and app that would give me a whole list of cocktail recipes, so I bought a bunch of different types of alcohol and proceeded to mix up a range of weird and wonderful cocktails, discovering that you can make a drink that includes milk and that beer and orange juice work quite well together.

I decided that I would try my hand at making my own cocktail, the first version consisted of home made grenadine, triple sec, white rum and southern comfort, topped off with ginger ale, which although pleasant, didn't quite work, it was only when I swapped the ginger ale for sprite, that it seemed to work really well.

I needed a name for this cocktail and took to twitter and facebook, to see what people could come up with, I think I got two replies, although, I can't go back in my time line far enough to see what names I got back but one of the names was The Steve, which seemed quite fitting for the cocktail, it also gave rise at a house party to make all kind of innuendo laden jokes around having Steve in your mouth, once you've tasted Steve you never go back and so forth.

At the first public unveiling, The Steve was a very big hit, with almost everyone exclaiming it was one of the best drinks they had ever tasted, although a couple of people found it too sweet, it went down very well and very easily. As it has three spirits in it, you find yourself getting rather drunk without realising.

Should you wish to partake in the wonder that is The Steve, get one litre of pomegranate juice, it should be proper juice and not juice drink, then add in 50g of castor sugar and reduce it until you have have a half litre. Allow it to cool, then find yourself a large pitcher and depending on the size, add one measure of each spirit, triple sec, white rum and southern comfort and two measures of the grenadine. Fill the pitcher with one litre of sprite, then pour into glasses with ice if you so wish and enjoy.

If my calculations are correct, by using diet sprite, one 250 ml glass is around 57 calories, so its pretty good from a weight watching perspective. So go and enjoy The Steve.