Tuesday, 11 February 2014

A new year of sporting fun

So I decided to try and do some exercise on a daily basis and had this whole plan mapped out which has sadly gone all to pot, I have been getting back to fitness class and have managed to shed almost all the weight I put on over Christmas and following the slimming world plan I've been making some lovely food, I got back to using my fitness pal just to see how many calories I've been eating following slimming world.
I've meant to get back to my running but have been finding excuses to not get out there, the usual its too cold or wet allow me to not get back training for the tough Mudder events, if I don't get training and bring my weight back down I'll have problems getting over obstacles and don't want to fail doing the human gecko this time.
It looks like there aren't three events in a four week period this time, which is good since I could barely run the last one in Wales. I've also got plans to compete in a triathlon and a zombie event happening in Newcastle this year.
So a busy year of sporting events planned, along with Lee's 18th in Barcelona to look forward to, I might even get Matthew to do a tough Mudder event with me, if I can get him out running.