Friday, 8 June 2012

What is that smell, oh wait its me burning out.

Recently I overdid my exercising, I started writing this blog post, after I'd rode to Gateshead for my Monday weigh in, which resulted in me losing another lb and putting me at 13st 13lbs(195lbs), which happily put me under the 14st level, which is something I've not weighed in I've no idea how long, I took this as a chance to ride back home the long way. I should have been doing my usual Zumba class but I just felt wrong, really tired and not right in myself. So I thought to myself, I'll go for a swim, which I knew would be easier than dancing around for an hour, so I saw a mile and walked up home.

I still felt really tired and had a look at my exercise for the previous days and that's when I noticed what I'd done, I'd eaten too few calories for the amount of exercise I'd done. For the four days in question I had exercised an approximate 8,061 calories, which is quite an impressive amount, with MyFitnessPal giving me a total calorie intake of 14,901/6,840 calories, which would have meant I'd eaten 1,710 calories, my actual intake turned out to be 11,545/3484 calories, which means my average intake was 871, which is nearly 1,000 calories fewer per day than I should have had.

I did most of my exercise over the weekend, managing to swim four miles, walk three, do two fitness classes and ride to the Metrocentre to buy a part for my bike, I felt fine on the Sunday night, it was when I woke up on the Monday, that I felt more tired than I normally do in the morning but not enough to stop me riding for my weigh in.

I think I need to be more careful in the future, as I'll find that my weight will either plateau, or worse start going back up, as my body decides that I'm starving myself, which for all intents an purposes I seem to actually be doing just this. I suppose I could have myself a bit more food, to compensate for this huge deficit but that yells counter intuitive at me, I might calm down with the swimming and concentrate on matching intake for output so that I don't end up with this happening quite so severely in future.

I'm really didn't enjoying feeling as tired and ill as I was, especially as I started to drifting off to sleep mid afternoon. I planned and ate a decent meal for my dinner and had a nice piece of cream sponge cake, in the hope that my body would reward me with not feeling ill. The knock on effect of the weekend has left me still feeling tired and the realisation that its very easy to accidentally harm yourself without meaning to.

So, no more exercising that much without eating back into the burned calories.