Saturday, 9 June 2012

So close to six months dry.

I started my new job and after a long day shifting stock and stocking shelves, I really wanted to buy two bottles of the brewdog beer that we're going to sell but since the shop doesn't open until Thursday, I couldn't really do that, so I came home and decided that I would have a couple of cans that I've had in the cupboard since New Years eve, I had a quick check on myfitnesspal and the internet and discovered that they were about 230 calories each, which wasn't too bad, so I added them into my daily intake.

As I was half way through the second can, I got that familiar feeling of, the alcohol starting to take over and I decided to open the mulled wine, that I never drank over Christmas, I'm also feeling like having some form of takeaway, although I'm starting to feel a little drunk, I still feel in control, which considering my tolerance for alcohol should be much lower, is quite an achievement on my part, since my usual Saturday night would have been an eight pack of beers and a takeaway afterwards. So on that score, I'm winning even though I'm still considering the unhealthier food, I'm not just going through the usual Saturday night motions and now I know that this is going to be a rare occurrence, so I'm going to make the most of it.

I suppose in one respect, I'm using it as a way of seeing if I would fall back into old habits were I to choose to have alcohol, on a more regular basis, or would I be able to control myself, so that I could avoid having to work extra hard burning off the calories, I'd taken on board in the form of alcohol and takeaway, one thing I do know is that my tendency to drink more alcohol once I start is normally what gets me into trouble, not with the law but deciding to do silly things like drinking more than I really should.

Some of my silly things I've done have been to use my bike to go and buy snack foods when drunk, realising after I saw the police that I could have been arrested for being drunk in charge of a pushbike, or to take my very young children out for a trip to the 24 hour garage, at three in the morning, visiting the local graveyard on the way back home, which the kids loved unsurprisingly but my wife wasn't very pleased with, I call it being an exciting dad, social services call it being irresponsible, well they probably would have done if they'd known.

So sitting here not feeling very drunk, when I really should be, makes me think, yes I do enjoy alcohol but I should continue to limit myself, lest I fall back into old habits and undo all my hard work to date.