Sunday, 10 June 2012

The night after the night before.

So last night, I had a few more drinks than I was planning on having and ordered a pizza, from one of the only places open at 3 am, Susan woke and decided she wanted a chicken burger, so we went with the one place that we thought didn't sell one of those crappy breadcrumb coated deep fried chicken burger but selling proper fillet chicken strips, that seem to be actual chicken breast in a bun with salad. It turned out to be the wrong place and the pizza was only just warm rather than piping hot but I didn't really care at that point that I just ate the thing.

Weirdly I didn't wake up with a raging hangover but merely felt very warm from the alcohol and feeling a little thirsty, I didn't feel hungry but I guess that was because of the pizza, so I had a cereal bar, a little more sleep before heading off to work, for a couple of extra hours. I came in from work and didn't feel like making anything, so when Susan suggested a takeaway from our favourite Indian place, I happily went with her suggestion, they got our order slightly wrong and we got an extra portion of rice rather than the delicious tikka starter but since they are such good quality we didn't mind too much.

It made me realise that drinking large quantities of booze causes me to not only eat takeaway on the night but also seems to have me wanting it the next day as well, this means I'll have to avoid drinking too often in future as I really want to avoid getting back into back habits.

Still I'm not denying myself some of the unhealthy foods, so it should make it easier to eat them less often.