Monday, 11 June 2012

Uh oh.

As I've already mentioned I started a new job, I've been helping move stock around and filling up the shelves, learning the till and procedures for serving alcohol (miners fine, minors not fine) so I've not really had any time to get to the gym or the pool, I've been really tired after each day, since I must be working hard but it seems my diet hasn't been as healthy as it should have been these last couple of weeks.

My wife helps her friend at weight watchers so, I was able to get myself weighed on a proper set of weigh watcher scales and discovered that I have put back on two and a half pounds, this means I over ate by around 8,750 calories these last few days/weeks which to be honest, I'm not surprised at, I thought that my guestimated exercise was obviously more than it actually was, this means I'm back to where I was three weeks ago. I'm glad to still be under the 14st mark, it just means I'm going to have to stick rigidly to my alloted 1,710 daily calories, since the walk to work and the exercise I'm doing whilst at work, aren't enough obviously.

Still, this is only a minor set back and I should take it as a sign, that my bad eating habits of the last few weeks mean, I can easily start to regain the weight I'm working hard to get rid of, so it's time to knuckle down, since I have no idea of my shift patterns and perhaps do some exercise in the house, or get myself off to the gym/pool instead of just lounging around the house.

As the saying goes onwards and upwards, these things are sent to try us, well things can just bugger off, as far as I'm concerned.