Tuesday, 26 June 2012

New job, new issues.

It seems having a new job makes a real dent in your fitness routine, for the first few days it was humping stock around and refilling shelves getting the shop ready for opening, then it was learning how to use the tills and serve the customers, then it was learning all of the procedure I need to follow as a supervisor, especially the part about not serving the underaged with tobacco or alcohol.

For the most part its been pretty easy, I've been mostly doing closing shifts, as I live so close to the shop, so I get to close down tills, sort out newspaper returns and lock up, making sure the shop is nice and tidy for the next day. The one thing that's taking some getting used to, is the stock control, in relation to products that have a short shelf life, like bread, milk and cooked meats etc. luckily the bosses understand that this is new to some of us, so they're not being too hard about any mistakes that've been made so far.

The challenging people we think are underage has been remarkably smooth, with only a couple of complaints from people, who if they had id, would have been served, so it all balances out in the end. my diet has been slightly all over the place and I've not really done much in the way of exercise, as I've been pretty tired but I'm putting this down to being on my feet for hours at a time, when I've not done long shifts in months, that and I'm getting to bed later, I've been drinking energy drinks to keep me going which means I've been full of caffeine, which has a knock on effect.

Although I put on a little weight, I seem to have lost it again, which means I'm back to the same weight I was three weeks ago, so now I need to knuckle down and get my diet back on track, more healthy less unhealthy, since I seem to have had energy drinks, chocolate bars, alcohol and been eating way more than I should have been.

I did finally receive my bodybugg from Lilliana, which means I can get a more accurate calorie burn for the times, I'm a work, or when I'm doing my fitness classes, it weirdly counts every calorie burned including the ones you burn, when not actually doing anything, so I need to take away around 1.5/6 calories per minute for the period I was exercising, so I was albe to work out that I burned 705 calories working today, marred only by the fact I massively overate foods with a high fat content.