Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The ups and downs of a new job

I'm just starting a new job, which is such a relief after the shambles that was the final months of working at Subway, I'll be on much better money and back in a position of responsibility, the only downside I can see at the moment is that it is only ten minutes walk from home, now I can hear you saying hang on, how is that a downside, a job that close to home, when my commute takes me an hour or longer. Well, I used to use the distance I lived from Subway as a way of getting some extra exercise, much like when I walk to the cinema for cheap Tuesday, so I now get five miles less cycling/walking for any shift I'm working, still I guess that I'm able to get to the gym and then to work a little easier, so I guess it all works out.

Don't get me wrong, I'm totally stoked to have a much better job that doesn't involve washing any dishes or making any sandwiches, I guess I'm just going to miss the enforced ride to work, I don't mean enforced as in against my will but more to save the bus fare getting there.

I'm about to receive my bodybugg through the post from an excellent friend, so hopefully that might show me, that this new job is actually better for my health, that the previous one, in case anyone is unaware of what one of those is, its an armband that tracks a variety of body readings and uses some fancy calculations to fairly accurately  work out, how many calories you're burning as you exercise/move around during the day, it says that the band is 95% accurate and compared to the gold standard machines that they use for scientific calorie calculation, so either way, I should get a more accurate burn, which will prove I'm burning more calories than my current apps of choice are guessing I'm doing, or I'm doing less than is being reported, either way it'll be nice to have more accuracy.

The only way to get the better bluetooth version of the band, is to either live in the US/Canada or have a good friend like I have, there is a version available in the UK but its horribly expensive for both the band and the subscription to the tracking software, almost three times the price of the band and five times the price of the subscription.

Still a new job and a body bugg, life is pretty sweet right now.