Monday, 4 June 2012

Summer is here and the weather

Anyone who carries any kind of weight will know the hell that is summer, this is the time of year when people sweat due to the air temperature being higher than normal but for a person that carries any kind of additional weight, you turn into a massive ball of sweat, soaking through clothes which can also make walking about difficult. Even when the air pressure is quite high, normally before a thunderstorm, people can sweat a lot, due to the 'closeness' of the air, this goes up ten fold if you're overweight I always found.

So now due to the hard work I've put in over the last few months, I found myself out in the sunshine recently and I didn't sweat in the way I would have done in previous years, aside from the aesthetic appeal, another really good reason to lose weight is body temperature regulation, I'm sweating like nobody's business when ever I'm doing an exercise class but even wearing my black hooded top walking home, in the beaming hot sun and I didn't soak through my clothing in a way I previously would have on cooler days.

I guess it also means I can start walking around topless and feeling a lot less self conscious now and relish the fact, that I going to stay cool regardless of the clothing that I'm wearing. I'm also going to have to get myself some new jeans as the ones I was wearing today, are starting to fall down when I carry anything in my pockets, which is wonderful in one respect but so damned annoying to have to keep pulling them up to avoid looking like a hipster or some hip hop video extra.

Still, I'm almost at my goal weight, so that's another thing to look forward to.