Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Thanks but no thanks.

Another common issue that those losing weight and getting fitter seem to encounter, is those who comment "I think you've lost enough weight" which to those who are working hard through exercising and/or eating healthily is akin to someone spitting in your food. This is one of those things that tends to take you back slightly, I had it recently with my Mother in law, she thought I probably shouldn't lose anymore weight, as I look fine, which was over a stone ago, I merely commented that I wasn't at my ideal weight and that I would continue till I was happy with my weight.

I realise that people can be concerned when they see you losing more and more weight and they think you start to look unhealthy, especially in the face where you look as they put it gaunt but I think they are voicing unnecessary concerns, unless you are bingeing and purging in an attempt to be incredibly thin even believing that you are overweight even when you are seriously underweight, then, yes that would be a good time to suggest that your weight loss may be obsessive.

Unless you tend to wear skin tight clothing, which is something, I've never worn due to the additional lumps and bumps I had, how can someone look at you and think you've lost enough weight, your clothes hang more loosely on you but that doesn't mean, you don't still have a podgy midriff, or some loose wobbly bits on your arms and legs, that you want to deal with.

So although the comments come from a place of concern, or in some cases jealousy at your hard work being rewarded with a thinner you, only you can be truly happy with the way you look and feel and for me, I still have a small way to get to my ideal me.