Sunday, 6 May 2012

*puts on a short woolen hat and eyes up the other prisoners*

I've kept hearing about this workout program called Convict Conditioning, which I've discovered is a book, that I've, let's say acquired as a pdf file. It comes from a program of calisthenic or bodyweight exercises that Paul Wade developed whilst serving twenty years in prisons in America, it gives you a history of the exercises and some of the people who used them to achieve incredibly strong and athletic bodies.

It starts with very six exercises that with enough effort the reader will be able to do themselves, with each exercise broken down into ten steps, that go from relatively easy through to the incredibly impressive, like vertical pull ups, using a door frame whilst standing upright, to a one armed pull up, which requires a lot of dedication but impresses anyone who sees them being done.

So starting tomorrow, I'll be starting this program with the very simplest steps and going from there although I can do a number of pull ups and chin ups now, I'd like to be able to do more and one of the side effects of following the program is to improve the condition of the joints and other body parts. The author even advises that jumping into step five can make it more difficult to get all the way to step ten.

So hopefully I'll be soon doing many more pull ups and handstand push ups.