Monday, 14 May 2012

Can you please, stop the hammering.

I love swimming, the whole thing of floating in water, propelling yourself along using only the power of your arms and legs, its great and aside from the initial getting into the water, which tends to be cooler than you are, so is a little bit of a shock. The only thing I'm starting to get annoyed with, aside from my inability to do any stroke other than breast, is other people.

Not all of the other people you realise, that would be silly me using a public swimming pool, if I hated swimming amongst others, no, its the incredibly inconsiderate swimmers that go to the pool. If you swim you'll know what I mean, these are the people, who will come with a friend or two and then instead of staying together, they tend to swim with the width of another person between them, talking to each other. I'm not some grumpy old curmudgeon who thinks you should swim in silence, no but at least try and swim a bit closer together if you're going to slowly swim and talk.

Other people who annoy me are those who don't seem to be able to swim without drifting across the pool, its not that difficult to swim in a straight line surely, I try and avoid swimming in the space others are using but sometimes you can't help it, these people also have a tendency to not try and avoid you in anyway, which means you have to try and swim round them, so you don't end up kicking or hitting each other, so when people don't try and avoid you, it makes it more difficult to stick to your swimming line.

My local pool holds lessons for the school kids to help them learn to swim, which is brilliant since everyone should know how to avoid drowning, the downside is that the new pool gets cut in half length ways so you have even less space to swim, so when people are generally inconsiderate to others by not adjusting how they swim, I find myself enjoying my swim a lot less than I should.

I don't know if I'll ever manage a swim where I encounter no inconsiderate swimmers but I'm hoping there are fewer of them, if I go early in the morning.

I've also noticed that swimming seems to make me need the toilet, regardless of how many times I've been before getting into the pool, its even given me a rhyme, that I quote "need a shit, swim for a bit"