Sunday, 15 April 2012

I found a new gym.

I'd heard about the gym at the local stadium that was meant to be be pretty good, the one I've been using is alright but tends to become a little unusable at the busier times, though they have around 10 treadmills, and quite a number of other pieces of cardio equipment, they only have dumbbell free weights, no barbells and a number of resistance machines for strength training. So when the gym is full, you sometimes have to wait for equipment to become free, which can be a bit of a pain.

So when I heard that the gym at the stadium was large, I thought well it can't be that big. I really wasn't expecting the amount of equipment I found when I walked in the door, they have the usual cardio equipment but they also have a large range of barbells and dumbbells, so it brilliantly allowed me to complete some of the fitocracy achievements I couldn't complete previously, it also means, I can do some proper strength training, which should help with my ongoing weight loss. The whole muscle uses more calories and all that.

I normally train on my own, due to mostly having internet friends and that my offline friends tend to be too busy for training, which is normally fine but I felt a little uneasy in the weights section, with other people having a training parter or knowing other people who were there but this should pass, when I've been a couple of times, especially if I know how to do the lifts properly and don't look like a proverbial fish out of water. I'll probably stick to my usual gym for most of the time, due to it being so close but I'll definitely be paying the stadium gym a lot more visits over the next few weeks.

Still, a longer distance means, more exercise on the bike ride there, so its all good.