Monday, 16 April 2012

Starting to get there.

I recently had a good tidy of the bedroom and computer desk and discarded a whole heap of old items I no longer needed or wanted, mainly old cds for the Subway in store music system filled with mono pop hits, I also managed to find two power supplies I had thought lost, sadly my iPod didn't turn up.

Amongst the old receipts and cinema ticket stubs, I found weighing machine print offs. This was from the time I was in training for a road race, my parents who are very dedicated runners, thought it might be nice if my brothers and I took part in a race with them, so I bought some proper training shoes and started running and watching what I was eating.

The print offs, reminded me that I managed to get down to 14st 4lbs (200lbs) with a body fat ratio of 19.7% I only stopped watching was I was eating and training due to an injury I received walking the dog, I still did the race but stupidly didn't continue training.

It means that with my weigh in today at 14st 10lbs (206lbs) with body fat at 19.8% means I'm well on my way to weighing less than I did in 2007, it also means that if I continue on this journey, I'll end up being slimmer than I have been since I was a child, though I was never a slim child so it shouldn't be that hard..

Hopefully this time, I've changed my eating habits enough, that I'll not going back, to gourging on fast food and eating due to boredom.