Wednesday, 11 April 2012

That's a normal amount of weight loss, honestly.

I was reading a post on the other day where a member was somewhat annoyed that in the 5 weeks since they'd started using the site and exercising more, that they'd only lost ten lbs which works out as being two lbs a week, which is about the right amount of healthy weight loss. I commented that if they don't think they've lost a good deal of weight, they should take ten one lb bags of sugar or flour and start hefting those around to see just what, ten lbs actually looks like and more to the point, what it actually looks like.

It got me to thinking we seem to be expecting almost instant results, we start watching what we eat and exercising more, when weight loss doesn't work like that. Weight is the most annoying thing due to our genetic make up and the fact that its really light, it takes nothing at all for the tallow fat to get stored ready for use, but quite a lot of work to start removing it. Fat, is so densely packed with energy that a single lb contains 3,500 calories, which is said to need about sixty two miles of running to remove just one single lb.

So the best course of action is to eat properly as starving yourself will cause the body to retain even more calories, due to you 'starving yourself'. You need to raise your metabolism through exercise and eating, since the body will realise that you need more and more energy to maintain your day to day bodily functions, like breathing and beating your heart.

So far, my journey towards better fitness, has lead me to expel thirty four pounds, which is not something that, I could see myself carrying around anymore, so hopefully, I'll have changed my behaviours and continue to lose the excess lbs.