Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Easter chocolate over indulgence

Ever since I made my resolutions at New year I've been actively avoiding chocolate, partly for the calories and the fat but mainly because it contains so much caffeine, I have a big problem when it comes to caffeine, where it seems to really affect my sleep, causing me to stay up late for weeks on end.

So I decided that I would allow myself some chocolate on Easter Sunday as a little treat for all the hard work I've put into improving my fitness and weight loss. I had a choice of a cadburys egg head and a green & blacks dark chocolate mint egg. I went for one of the egg heads and noted down the calories, which turned out to be only 400, which was pleasantly surprising, a short time later I got the urge to for another egg head, which I ate reasoning that it was relatively low calorie/fat.

I thought to myself, well since I've had the others I'll have myself the green and blacks, I can do some exercise and work off the calories, so I dropped it to the floor since it was proving hard to break the shell, I discovered it was really thick chocolate which was quite surprising considering how thin most chocolate eggs are these days.

I then set about munching the chocolate whilst Susan went out to her Parents house with some sweets for Sophie, from my Parents & Grandparents, I demolished the egg even though I felt quite full from breakfast and the other eggs, still its one day out of 365 and when they're gone that's it with the chocolate, also we weren't having our dinner till much later as per a usual Sunday.

I sat around watching tv then decided to start tidying our bedroom since it had stuff lying everywhere and looked a bit on the untidy side, which I'm glad I did, as I turned up all kinds of things I'd been looking for, like my little netbook power supply and the charger for the hair clippers.

Time started to get on, so we went downstairs to make a start on the dinner, as we were preparing it, I started to feel a little light headed but I put this down, to having gotten up too quickly, though I realised it was something else, when the feeling got worse, until I was crouching on the floor clutching at my stomach and my head feeling quite light and uncomfortable. The last time I remember feeling this ill from overdosing on caffeine, was when friends visited to do a Gowalla trip that I'd created and we visited Starbucks twice in one afternoon, though I did get a high from it and bounced around like a happy idiot.

I tried being sick in the toilet as I felt like I wanted to throw up but that didn't happen, I just squatted there feeling ill, wanting to vomit with nothing happening. I gave Susan a hand with putting the dinner out, then sat and ate my way through some it, before deciding I'd had enough. I couldn't even do the dishes and headed off to bed. After falling asleep snuggling up, I found myself awake at 1am and still feeling ill from all the caffeine that was floating around my system, still wanting to be sick and having that sinking feeling, that I'm not getting back to sleep but feeling really tired.

I lay in bed unable to sleep, so decided I would watch Get Carter, which I manged to view about half before deciding I was so hungry I would have to get something to eat and had such a craving for soup. So I popped downstairs and had myself a tin with some bread. Still unable to sleep I decided to watch some tv, till I had an email notification which made me suddenly want to listen to music, so I listened to some music whilst watching tv. I lay there and the bairn came downstairs so we chatted about thus and that and eventually decided to get up. I then spent the rest of the day, feeling dead tired and listless, napping on and off not really doing much of anything.

Since I sat there at 1am feeling sorry for myself and wondering how long it would take till all the caffeine was gone and my sleep returned to a more regular pattern also how long would it would take me to burn off the fat and calories I inhaled. It also made me decide that it was the last chocolate I'd be eating, since it caused me to binge eat the stuff like some kind of crack addict. It also made me realise, that I have a tendancy to over do things to my cost, be it food or booze, so having not eaten chocolate in three months, I manage to consume my entire days calorie allowance in chocolate, I'm pretty sure my saturated fat intake was that of about four days, which is pretty horrific.

So after a terrible couple of days, I'm going to start being 37 by continuing my exercise regime and healthier eating.