Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Bodies need to rest y'know.

I managed to reach a low week last week, after running the Sport Relief six mile on the Sunday, I did the Zumba class on the Monday, then did kettle bell on the Tuesday night, I felt fine afterwards but seemed to wake on Wednesday with really sore legs, I wasn't sure if that was from all the lifting and pushing with my legs, or the running but it made me want to move very little, it also seemed to coincide with my eating more than I normally eat, though I'm guessing that was my body's way of trying to repair any damage done to my legs.

It was bad enough for me to start playing on the xbox again, which I've not really done for the last couple of months, one reason being because the damned thing doesn't work properly anymore and also because, I've been totally focused on exercising and catching up on TV programs. Still it worried me that, I might have started losing interest in exercising, which based on my last couple of days, thankfully hasn't come to pass.

I also had a thought that it could also have been that I've been overdoing it a little and my body had said, right mate, I think you need to slow down, or at least feed me properly, I did have the worry that, I would have lost no weight at Monday's weigh in, which turned out to be one of my better weigh ins, where it reported I'd lost another four lbs, which pleased me no end.

The comments about my weight loss have been really nice as well, with people I've not seen in a while, really seeing a change and one of the other Ladies in kettle bell mentioning that she has noticed a big change especially in my face, which is what a lot of others have said, though I never thought I had a fat face, still compliments are always nice to receive.

I had an interview for a company which turned out to be for residential sales, trying to get people to take on talktalk, which is exactly the direction I don't want to go job wise, since it was commission based, without a basic salary, which unless you're good at pushing the product onto people, you end up without any money, so I politely declined the job and ended up with a freezing ride home in the wet, which was bloody awful, I was going to say, still there's always a plus but this just didn't have a plus side, unless you count standing around in the freezing cold in Durham watching someone trying to push sales onto people.

Hopefully something will come along soon.