Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sports relief mile

After seeing the Sport relief program on BBC and John Bishop doing his insane capital to capital triathlon, I decided I would do the sport relief mile, I hadn't realised there was 3 different versions, so seeing there was a 6 mile version, I decided I would do that one, now I have been getting fitter over these last few months, so I'm not as heavy as I was but aside, from the 2 nights where I did 3 miles, mainly because people were talking about an app that gets you from watching TV to running 5k I decided to just go out and run 5k.

So I signed up and paid the entry fee, then sorted my running gear out, the clocks went forward the day of the run, so I wondered if that would affect me, it seems it caused me to wake at 4:30 am, when the burglar alarm set itself off, then I woke a couple of hours later, so I was a little concerned I'd be tired for the run. Just before setting off, I found out my next door neighbour was also doing 6 miles, I queried if they knew of baggage checking in, they said, they weren't sure, I decided to take a chance, thinking there might be something, when I get there.

So I set off on my bike, to say it was a little foggy, was an understatement. Still it was clear enough around me, so I was still seen by other cars and made it to the Baltic Square in plenty of time, I collected my number and asked about baggage check in, they said, there wasn't any, which posed a problem, as I had my shoulder bag rather than a backpack, so had to repack it was my normal shoes and other bits and bobs, I had with me. Then  wear it as I ran, which I knew would be a massive pain in the backside, still I'll learn for next time.

The run was basically laps, over the Swing Bridge and back to Gateshead, we were advised to keep a mental note of how many laps we'd done. Which was easy enough, even tracking my run, the bag did impede my run but it didn't stop me from running the entire distance without stopping, even though Runkeeper was acting up and failing to record the run properly. There were so many people of all shapes, sizes and ages out running from 2 year olds to a Gentleman, completing a mile with a walking frame. There were some people running in costume, including some Army Cadets, with enormous cardboard 2 person costumes.

So a great day out earning money for charity and a lovely sunny day to do it on.