Friday, 3 February 2012

Who's the guy that passed the course - Shaft

The end of the fifth week for the Nissan course and the assessor has signed my book off, so I've passed level 2 introduction to manufacturing and industry, so that was nice, now its just practising the hand skills, like bolting plates to a jig and the maths side of things, by doing lots of rapid fire tests, to see if I've picked up, on how to do the tests and answer all the questions in the 20 or so seconds you get to work each one out, I actually managed to answer 20 questions and get them all right, some of them are really easy but others are deceptively awkward and not as straight forward to answer.

During one of the un-timed practise sessions, one of the answers was 369, to which I then blurted out, the goose drank wine, the monkey smoked tobacco on the old street line, then a couple of others finished with, the line broke, the monkey got choked and they all went heaven in a little rowing boat, clap clap, which caused the group to burst out laughing, at the absurdity of it.

Aside from one person leaving, the whole group is still together and having a bit of a laugh, doing the classes and carrying on, a decent set of lads, who don't take the classes totally seriously except when it matters and they're discussing safety or other important issues, the last week is the skills test and revision, so hopefully, I'll pass and get a chance at a line trial, as I think I could do this job, even if it's very repetitive work, for 7 hours at a time, the money makes up for this, so finally a well paid job.

Tomorrow, I'm going to give boxercise a try, hopefully I won't feel like I'm dying.


  1. Is this an actual job or still part of the selection process?

    1. A bit of both, they teach you about the sort of things, you'll do as part of the job, then you get a skills test and possibly a line trial, it helps you more than just applying for a job directly to Nissan, plus some of the tutors are ex Nissan staff.