Thursday, 2 February 2012

Oh happy days.

When I upgrade my phone way back in October 2010, I picked the Desire HD as it seemed to be the best phone out at the time, so I signed up for a 2 year contract, so I could get the phone for free, previously it had been 18 months and before that 12 months, a way for networks to keep you for longer. So I went with the 24 months as I really wanted the phone and didn't want to pay for it, I have since decided this was a bad move.

So about 6 months down the line, I started having problems with it, it was dropped but luckily only suffered minor surface damage, however the strangest thing happened, it stopped responding to the volume control, in that volume would go up but couldn't be turned down via the hardware button. Then the WiFi and bluetooth stopped working, which was a major pain in the backside, as I like updating apps over my faster broadband connection, still I persevered with the mobile internet. I had unfortunately allowed the insurance to lapse, so would need to pay for repairs, which I didn't have the spare cash for, then after another 6 months or so, the GPS, started to be a little spotty, not finding me at all. So I resigned myself to the fact, I'd have to send the phone away for repair and spend the cash to do this.

In the meantime, I had employment issues, as in less of it, so my mobile bill didn't get paid and left me having to get a pre-pay sim, to use with the phone, I decided the other night, that I would pay for the 30 days of mobile Internet. It didn't seem to accept the text message shortcode, then I realised, that to save power, I had turned mobile internet off through the phone, so I turned it back on and had lovely Internet back on my phone once again.

I noticed that the notifications menu, has a quick settings tab and clicked on it, then seeing the shortcut for WiFi, thought I'd give it a try to see what happens and for some reason, instead of the usual error, can't connect message, the icon for Wifi, appeared, I suddenly though, hang on, lets give my bluetooth headphones a try and sure enough, after starting bluetooth, they connected to the phone, not only that, the volume button started working again.

I couldn't believe it, the phone although very good with a nice sized screen and good sound quality, it had felt a bit like half a phone, missing important parts of the experience, now, it suddenly felt like a new phone again, even the GPS was suddenly working again, locating me within seconds as opposed to sitting there like a limp lettuce doing not very much of anything. Oddly though it knows where I am, certain apps still have the GPS signal bounce all over the place and I clock several miles walking or running, having never moved from the spot, to say I'm overjoyed would be an understatement, I now don't need to send it for a costly repair and it works as it should do, happy days indeed.

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