Thursday, 26 January 2012

Exercising still needs water stupid

Here's a top tip for you, make sure you eat something before you exercise, as exercising on an empty stomach is not recommended, also even if you choose to have a long swim, you still need to re-hydrate, as you may be swimming in water but your body still uses your own as you swim, which I found out to my cost, when I woke at 3am on Wednesday morning, literally racked with pain and craving water, it took several trips to the bathroom and eventually a trip downstairs to quench my thirst, though not before the usual water bloat occurred in my stomach.

It lead me to thinking that I sometimes dive head first back into exercise and don't think things through, so in future, I'll ensure I drink something after swimming and not swim as much in one session but perhaps do 2 miles at most, also I need to have more of a routine for when I head to the gym and do more repetitions or more sets. Time will tell which is easier.A slightly odd coincidence occurred when walking back from the gym this evening, when I only wanna be with you by Me First and the gimme gimme gimmes came on my music player, immediately after it finished, a version by The Tourists came on, which made me laugh, at how weird it was.

We went on the Zip tour at the Nissan plant today, I was equally terrified and raring to go, at the speed that they work there, though some sections seem to be slower and less hectic than others, they still have 57 seconds to complete each job, before moving to the next one, so we'll see what the skills test brings, I'm hoping I don't fuck it up too badly and have a chance to get in there.

So, re-reading has confirmed, I seem to write semi-literate bollocks most of the time, so I'll stop this bunch of meandering characters, which is probably for the best.