Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Up, up and away zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I've been walking for exercise benefits again, so after visiting the job centre last week, I decided to pop into the leisure centre as I was walking past and to see if my active card was still valid, turns out it is until, the end of March, which is brilliant, so I've been using it for the gym and swimming. Each of us gets free use of the gym and other facilities, as Matt has ADHD which classifies him as disabled, it also used to get one of us into the cinema for free when he was with us, which was always a nice saving.

So I've gotten back into the swimming and managed 3 miles in one go, which isn't advised if you haven't been swimming in a while, especially on an empty stomach, so I write these words feeling less tired then I was, since I managed to eat something, to alleviate the hunger pangs. It did mean my fitocracy score jumped from level 6 to level 8, which pleased me no end, I've managed to rack up 8 quests, though some of those were from my 1 mile swim yesterday, so far, the earlier nights and exercise, seem to be having a positive effect on not spending the morning in bed. Except when I was forced out of bed to walk the dogs at 6:50am so I came in and lay on the settee, to avoid seeing and hearing the bedroom TV showing some crappy film.

I have managed by accident to sort of break my no chocolate resolution, as Matt brought in some coconut ice, that was topped with chocolate, luckily I'd only had a bite before noticing, so I don't count that as breaking it, as I didn't actively choose the chocolate, more didn't notice through being tired, still my no booze resolution is still firmly in place and I'm eating relatively healthy, with less snacking on crap and sticking to meals.

So on to Nissan tomorrow, hopefully it brings more interesting topics and good banter.