Saturday, 21 January 2012

Another week another single post.

Somehow this daily blogging doesn't seem to have taken off like I thought it would, more remembering occasionally then thinking I should probably update it, still been avoiding booze and chocolate, 21 days now which is nice, even stuck to tonic water at my Father in-laws birthday meal the other night. Grandma's 90th birthday is tomorrow, so we're all going to see her and sing happy birthday at the home, there's supposed to be some kind of turn being put on, likely the guitar guy doing the 60's hits I heard the last time a resident had a birthday.

Nissan is still pretty good, we did spot welding and kaizen which is 'continuous improvement' aside from the theory on the board we did a timed peg slotting, a planks puzzle and a production line building plugs, where we managed to make 5 plugs the first time, due to the way they lay out the production line, then we improve it and make as many as we can, which turned out to be 22 plugs, with 2 that were unsaleable

I've also started to use which is a fitness tracking site which turns exercising into a game, where the more you do, the more you level up, there are quests and badges to 'win' so it's given me the get up and go, to get up and get out there, putting one foot in front of the other, even going to the gym today.

Hopefully I can also motivate myself to personal blog a bit more often and also finish my coll3ctive posts sooner.