Saturday, 14 January 2012

Oops a daisy

In a surprising to no one in the slightest move, I've managed to break every resolution I listed over on coll3ctive with the exception of the booze one oddly enough. There is still a bottle of mulled wine in the cupboard and 2 cans of lager, I've seen them and not even thought to drink them, except yesterday when I realised that's what I normally do on Fridays.

I have managed to clean up and sort out two cupboards in the kitchen, get the shower back in general usage, albeit with a leak I can't sort out, make bread, soup and cake, with a mind to making more bread and cakes on a regular basis and attend the pre employment training course for Nissan which so far enjoyable.

So it'll be early nights and exercise starting again Monday, once Saints Row 1 has been finished and achievements gained, then hopefully auditing stock on a casual basis, once I get some shoes of the flat black variety.