Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Those boots aren't made for walking.

I wanted to get weighed on a proper machine that also calculates your approximate body fat percent, so I thought I would take a walk into Gateshead, combining saving the bus fare and getting some exercise, as the walk is between 3 and 4 miles depending on the route you take.
As there was a load of slushy ice on the paths, I thought I would wear my Nissan safety boots as they are likely to be waterproof.

So off I set enjoying the walk and the music I was listening to, I take about an hour to get there, so I buy myself a drink for the walk home and get weighed. We need some potatoes, so I buy a 2kg bag and head off home. About 3 miles from home I start to get a slight pain in my foot, from where my sock has bunched up, I sort it out and press on, it continues to give me discomfort but I just press on.

After reaching home I take off my boots and socks and find a loose patch of skin about the size of an old 10p piece. So its taught me that I need better socks and that my safety boots aren't made for waking 7 miles,

Oh and I weighed in at 16st 12lbs or 236lbs and 25% body fat, a quarter of me of is fat, well not for long chummy.

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