Saturday, 3 January 2015

Goodbye 2014

So that was the year that was, another year done, with a whole heap of not so good stuff, it started with me getting on the local news for doing the swim at Whitley Bay, which was more like a gentle plodge, given that I wasn't wearing shoes and there were a lot of rocks under foot, the water was a lot colder than the arctic enema. This lead onto me losing my job which was quite good for a bit until it hit home that I didn't have a job anymore, which sparked off my depression and I lost the motivation to do any exercise, I also couldn't face electroshock therapy which some might say isn't something I should look forward to but it tied into me having no motivation. I did do a few Mudder events and decided that I would get myself onto a course that would properly teach me how to program in Android, though I needed to do a one year access to HE course, so I was up to date and could prove I was able to do a degree course.

I attended a talking therapies workshop which helped me to aim towards getting myself back to exercising by making small changes and working on them, which I did by setting small goals for myself like taking the dogs out for a walk and looking into getting sorted out with the local gym.

I spoke to my brother about doing a tough mudder event and my dad also said he would do one with us, so we did just that and it was a brilliant event, aside from them not waiting around for me so we could do electroshock together. They did it and the photos looked excellent.

I started to really enjoy my college course and applied to UCAS and was accepted onto my first choice with a proviso that I get merit overall on my course, based on my last course, that should be something I can do, although I would really like distinction, I'm not going to push my luck.

Although I didn't re-join the gym, I did decide at the beginning of December that I would go for a run, I'd thought about it and just decided to go when I got in from college one day and that was it, I was back running again, I might start doing the fitness classes in January, since its been a while since I did one and hopefully I can see about getting a team together for an event. Since I started my running again, my Dad mentioned there were some free runs that happen around the area, so I might give them a try.

I also managed to get myself involved in a harassment movement called #GamerGate which has a murky history and a whole slew of people who insist its about ethics in games journalism, when for some strange reason most of the targets seem to be games devs or people critical of the movement, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of consumer revolution going on but there are a lot of revolting entitled consumers, so I guess that's what they mean.

Anyway, here's to a better 2015 with less talented people dying and hopefully if there are 'celebrity' deaths they'll be people who have no discernible talent.