Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Hurrah for better mental health

After my mental health became an issue I became inward and depressed, I couldn't face running, which annoyingly, would probably have helped alleviate my depression, so it was a catch 22 situation, I couldn't motivate myself to run and didn't feel like running and left it at that, I reasoned that I would probably get back to it at some point.

That point came when I went for a short run on December 1st which made my lungs almost collapse and left me with the feeling of swallowing blood, which comes from using muscles I've not used in a while. I just decided that I would just go for a run when I got in from college and just went for one, which means my motivation is back up, so I can put foot to pavement and not find excuses to avoid it anymore, I've managed several runs in the last week, going from 3 miles to 7.63 miles and managing to almost run without stopping, except for the hill with the strong headwind.

I'm not back to using zombies run yet but I should do in the next few weeks as I'm still on series 2 with the 4th series due out in the new year, it'll be nice to see how camp able survives this series.