Sunday, 6 July 2014

Nerg time

So another visit to Gateshead stadium for the second annual North East Retro Gaming event to spend the day playing on older video arcade and pinball machines, I was really hoping that they would have my all time favourite machine there but sadly there was no New Zealand Story in attendance again, hopefully next year. There were a lot of the same machines as last year and a few new ones to play on.

They changed the layout from last year so I'm not sure if there were more machines available but there was definitely more stalls selling retro games and systems, though the prices of some of the boxed games systems were a little rich for my blood, given that I remember paying £100 for street fighter 2 SNES bundle about 20 years ago.

I also managed to bump into two of the people I'd been at the summer school with, which was nice, they also showed me a competition being held with the winner of the heat getting the chance to go to Manchester and compete there. The games being played were hackysack from California games, which was almost impossible, tempest, which I quite like but on a control pad felt quite clunky and hard to play, super pang was set to the hardest level, so scoring was almost impossible, psycho pinball, was relatively easy and I managed a reasonable score and tetris on gameboy, which I love playing on gameboy and for a while I had the top score, in the overall rankings I was 9th for a bit, before dropping to 16th, so no Manchester for me.

I took some photos of most of the games I played on and I managed to have goes on about 35 games, though some I would like to have played weren't working, highlights included, 'escape from the planet of the robot monsters' 'fix it Felix Jr' 'smash TV' 'RoboCop' and 'rtype'

So for the £15 entry fee, I got to immerse myself in my childhood for 6 hours, if you get the chance to, I would definitely pop along next year.