Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Mudder no.9

I spent the Thursday before the mudder cleaning the kitchen and drinking copious amounts of filter coffee, which given my issues sleeping when I have a small amount off caffeine meant I was awake all night and didn't get much sleep on Friday, so with my early train meant I wasn't properly rested which is always a bad idea before a physically exhausting event.

I arrived in Kettering and managed to share a taxi to the event site and imparted my wisdom of what to expect, it was also at that point I realised I'd forgotten my towel, which is always a bad idea.

It was set to be a hot day and it didn't disappoint, I missed the warm up and got myself over to the start, where there was someone with the black and orange headband dressed in a camouflage skinsuit. I was hoping based in how dry it was to get a good time for the course but it was so hot that it just sucked away any energy that I had and I was running really slowly.

I managed the glory blades without issue, which I took to mean my lack of sleep wouldn't be much of a problem, I got chatting to someone who was on their 21st event, which included Worlds Toughest Mudder, the Arctic enema is always welcome on a hot day, there wasn't much ice but it was cold.

The mud miles were incredibly muddy, which made them quite challenging, the hero walls took it out of me, which wasn't as apparent until the legionnaires loop and the hangover walls, I jumped up to get over and my right calf muscle seized, in a painful cramp, I sorted it out and went to jump again and my left calf seized, in another painful cramp, which someone helped me with, then helped me get over the walls.

For some reason walk the plank didn't seem as high as it normally is, which was disappointing, though its still quite scary looking down to the water before you jump, or in most cases drop into the water. I still haven't made it across island hopping. I stood in front of electric shock therapy and thought about doing it but decided to skip it, with the crowd booing and me shrugging my shoulders, someone shouted "I don't blame you mate, I wouldn't do that again"

I crossed the finish line and managed to score three pints, which I drank really quickly, which was a bad idea, another Tough Mudder where I learned more what not to do lessons, which I'll probably forget, bring on Yorkshire.