Saturday, 26 April 2014

2.8 hours later

I was in London for the Tough Mudder in Henley but noticed the zombie event being held the night before so I decided to do that. After getting down to London, I hung around for am bit then headed off to Wembley park to find the event.

I met up with Matt and Seb as I walked over there we got chatting and finding the right way to walk. The building that the event was held in had a really good zombie apocalypse vibe about it, we waited ages in the queue to get to the check in, Matt, Seb and I had agreed to team up and we were put with another couple who were from Devon and three women who were local.

After handing in the documents we were given an armband to wear and then given our mission brief which was to collect water for asylum, we got some 'training' on hacking a terminal to get grid references and off we went, once we'd worked out which direction we were meant to be going

We past Wembley stadium and headed between buildings until we came upon and open door and someone asking where Paul was, we then had to head down a corridor and past a zombie on the floor which was a lot scarier than it sounds, we found a bottle and a terminal to hack, along a bit more corridor and past another zombie near a stairwell, after realising we had to get up the stairs we got through the door and immediately had a loud zombie right next to us, I sprinted up the stairs and dropped my pedometer.

We made it out on to the street and headed for the next check point which was in the multi story carpark beside the stadium, we reasoned that the safest route to take would be the ramps as they were wide and we could easily get away from the zombies, one of the staff members mentioned that we were off course when we reached the 5th floor, then we noticed the zombies and ran full pelt for the next ramp, with Matt having to jump the wall to get away.

One other the others who's named escape me worked the terminal whilst our group and another group clapped to distract the zombies, when I noticed in my peripheral vision a zombie with no legs crawling really quickly towards the terminal, it took me clapping loudly to keep it away.

After we had the code, it was down some thankfully zombie free stairs and out to the road, to head to our next terminal, which had us crouching low through a warehouse of sorts, whilst someone directed us to wait till it was safe, for safe read, when the group in front of us had finished with the terminal.

We had to quietly make out way out of the warehouse, where there were no zombies but we were on edge not knowing if there were any around.  We were given a number to ring, to a phone that was in a bag that had been dropped by one of the human characters, who had been slightly eaten, so whilst the zombies were distracted we made it to the terminal, which gave us the location of the water barrel.

We headed down a road and along a curved road where there were a few slow zombies which sped up to a sprit, we all managed to avoid being caught but only just, stopping for a little rest we got to the bottom of the road and another human character called us over, though initially we mistrusted them thinking they might be out to do us harm but they weren't, we did have to be recorded doing the Harlem shake to no music but we all joined in and the recorded video was quite amusing.

After climbing through a hole  in the fence blocking the road we collected the water and headed down some stairs, where there were a few more zombies, we split off into two groups and distracted them whilst we slipped past.

Directed back towards the starting point and disco, we were walking along a road which would have been great for surprise attacks but thankfully it was only a rather shouty group riot cops, who did the whole single file hands on head thing and asked if we could treat their colleague for a serious looking wound, we declined the kind offer of potentially being infected and headed for the home straight.

One of the staff mentioned that the zombies just ahead were the slow moving kind which I totally disbelieved especially after we were chased by a large group of fast movers, I managed to avoid two close ones but Matt and two others were caught and marked as infected.

We got back to the disco and there were some groups just heading out which made me glad I was in an early group, with only a small amount of darkness, we got to pose together for a group photo with the infected of the group in zombie makeup.

It was a brilliant event and I found it really easy to believe we were being chased by the undead, I will be doing this again, hopefully a bit closer to home this time.