Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Are you sure that applies to me.

As I've posted many times people have a tendancy to pass on their wisdom and thoughts on your new healthier way of living and one of those popped into my head recently and it was the single word, obsessed. 
When I was training for the race I did a few years back, someone mentioned they had concerns that I was perhaps becoming obsessed with 'my diet' I merely said I was just being careful with what I was eating and that I didn't feel that was being obsessed.

I mean, obsession is such a powerful word that describes going from simply having an interest in a thing, to having it consume their waking hours in an increasingly unhealthy way. If we apply that to a person watching what they eat and making a note of everything they eat and drink, even when they weigh out their meal components it doesn't quite work.

Imagine if instead of following the recipe for making a cake and measuring out the ingredients carefully, you just grabbed a handful of each and threw them into the bowl, your cake wouldn't taste right, it would be either, too sweet, horribly floury, greasy or over egged. Taking this analogy even further, what if you were building a car and didn't carefully follow each step in production, I wonder how many would be safe to drive and how many would kill the people in the car through accidents or the car blowing up.

I realise that people can become obsessed with their weight to the point where they end up with eating disorders but that isn't the same as someone carefully recording their food and drink intake, no one gains weight quickly and no one loses weight quickly, its a slow and steady progression.
When you are recording your every bite and sip, to someone who isn't, I guess they might mistake being careful and controlled in what you eat as obsessive, which I guess means they don't understand what real obsession actually is.