Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Fat, I hereby banish you.

I had a draft blog post, where I was bemoaning my lack of weight loss, where even though, I'd been watching what I was eating and taking fat metabolising tablets, to increase my metabolism with pepper and caffeine, so when I lost a single pound, I was a little disappointed, luckily, it didn't drive me into the arms, of mr frozen pizza and mrs takeaway. So I decided to start eating baked beans on toast, as baked beans are a great way of helping with weight loss, since they are essentially all fibre and your body uses more energy digesting them, than it gets from them. So when I got myself weighed on Monday, I discovered that my weight loss was a brilliant 7lbs or half a stone. So I'm now down almost two stones since I started watching what I was eating back in January, my fitness is increasing and I'm starting to feel full on smaller amounts of food.

It also means, I've not had any alcohol for 73 days, or any chocolate for the same amount of time, I've also discovered something called Konjac fibre, which helps to absorb some of the bile that would otherwise turn into blood cholesterol, it also can aid weight loss, by making you feel fuller, so you end up eating less, so I might give those a go instead of the ones with caffeine in them. If only I'd saved my not drinking money, I'd have a whole £105 set aside.

So, hopefully based on increasing my exercise with swimming and watching what I'm eating, I'll be a slender me in no time and fitting nicely into all those clothes, in the wardrobe, that I couldn't wear back in January. So that'll be nice.