Thursday, 7 September 2017

Better mental health

So I'm not sure what has brought about a change in my mental health, I've an idea that it could be eating a healthier diet, with fewer takeaways, though not takeaway free and starting to train for World's Toughest Mudder which as of  starting to write this post, a mere 64 days away.
The main thing is that I'm feeling a lot better in my brain, I've known this entire year that I needed to get out and train as my fitness has declined over the last couple of years but I've always had no motivation to get out there and build my fitness back up to the point where I was continually running when I wasn't doing obstacles, don't get me wrong, I've loved taking part in all the events I've done this year, from travelling to the US to the smaller events I've ran in, I just haven't been fit enough to get the times I could do, also having gained a bunch of weight back has made getting over obstacles more challenging, although I have managed to beat Kong (the rings suspended over the crash pads, for any non Mudder readers) several times and the current version of Funkey Monkey, though I did come close in Scotland to beating it, just not enough momentum to get off the last ring.

So as I sit on the bus and spot someone out running, thinking I wish I was out running, I think I can say that since getting the news before the first year of my degree that I wasn't getting course fees paid which is what seems to have caused my depression to kick up, I'm getting back to a mentally healthier and a physically healthier me, which I'll bloody take and hope I can avoid falling into another slump any time soon.